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DHL Supply Chain: Memphis, TN Material Handlers & More

DHL Supply Chain Seeking Seasonal & Full-Time Memphis Help

Are you looking for work as a forklift operator or material handler in Memphis, TN? DHL Supply Chain is looking for applicants to fill seasonal to permanent positions at our Memphis location. Check our job postings for more information on the positions available. If you think you’re a good fit for one, then DHL would love to talk with you about immediate consideration for employment. Our recruiters want to find candidates who seek fulfillment in their jobs, which we offer in addition to competitive pay, great benefits, discounts, cash bonuses, prizes, and flexible scheduling for part-time positions. Click here to apply now and get started on a new career with DHL Supply Chain. You might get an on-the-spot offer!

Part-Time Available

Not open to full-time hours? We have part-time work schedules available.

Material Handlers

Handle products to store and move in the receiving, picking, packing, and replenishment areas.

1st & 2nd Shift

Are you a morning person, or do you prefer working in the evening? We have 1st and 2nd shift positions.

Weekend Days or Nights

If you need the flexibility to work weekends only, we can schedule you for days or nights.

Forklift Operators

Drive a forklift to transport loads around the facilities and ensure that they get to their assigned destinations.

dhl supply chain employee in warehouse

Seasonal Positions Available

The current positions that DHL has available at our Memphis, TN location for seasonal to permanent employment include:

Material Handlers

DHL is looking for material handlers at our Memphis, TN location to store, move, and handle products in the Picking, Packing, Receiving, and Replenishment areas. Handlers will maintain materials and equipment at the facility in a clean, neat, and orderly fashion. Candidates must be able to lift between 30 and 60 pounds and stand for 8-12 hours each day. If you’re 18 years of age or older, you can apply here today.

employee in dhl supply chain jacket smiling
Forklift Operators

Our Memphis, TN facility is seeking forklift operators. DHL requires a forklift certificate or the completion of a forklift training program with satisfactory results within an employee’s first 30 days of employment. We prefer candidates with six months of experience in forklift operation. If you’re at least 18 years old, we want you to apply here today.

two dhl supply chain employees smiling

Apply Now to Get Started at DHL Supply Chain

DHL Supply Chain looks forward to receiving your application. Click here to get started and make yourself a candidate for an on-the-spot offer of employment as a forklift operator or material handler in Memphis, TN. DHL Supply Chain specializes in supply chain management and third-party logistics and is considered an innovative industry leader. Join our winning team today!

DHL Supply Chain


5155 Lamar Ave
Memphis, TN 38118

5155 Lamar Ave, Memphis, TN 38118, USA